Happy New Year ~ 2014 is My YEAR!!!

2 Jan

Wow, 2013 just flew by…So many things have come and go in my life…I have experienced love and pain, only to find love again. One must not be afraid to love again even after being hurt…it’s part of life. It’s through these experiences, that I have grown as a woman. You really never know what is going to happen or when. While things do end and no one is at fault, it’s just part of the process or journey that we are on. It’s the new beginnings that come out of left field. It’s like GOD was telling me something…take a chance…what have you got to lose? You just may have everything to gain!

I am starting 2014 happy and ready to experience life to the fullest!!!! I see a lot of positive changes coming my way this year!!! I will finally get my first book “Stronger Than I Know” published…I see myself moving and so much more. GOD has known all along where I am meant to go and who I am meant to share my life with…It’s always in the unexpected that miracles happen.

I have NO regrets only beautiful memories…I choose to move on happy and full of joy!!! I will Always SMILE no matter what I am going thru…This does not mean I don’t cry because trust me…I have and I do! However, tears for me….cleanses me, it releases things I have bottled up…which I know I should not do, however, sometimes it’s better to wait for the right moment to say something, then to blurt out something you will regret later.

My goal for 2014 is to live my life with PASSION! Embrace everything with PASSION! Pursue my dreams with PASSION! Love with PASSION!!!

May 2014 bring you your hearts desire as you do deserve to have the BEST of everything!!! Thank you for being a part of my journey…it will continue!!!





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