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11 Mar

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How To Date: With Confidence
by admin

Confidence exudes your most beautiful self. Own it and be open to those that are interested in you! Then decide if you want to have a date. Smile! You will attract what you are desiring when you stop searching, it will find you. To search is to be in a constant state of searching. In life it is important to step back, observe, be open to receiving and allow in to happen without forcing. Forcing a situation causes an unnatural connection and a temporary or momentary encounter. To acquire something substantial it must develop at it’s own natural time and be revealed when all the aspects have lined up for the most powerful and positive outcome of a new connection with someone.

You may have one date with someone and not hear back from then, but you thought it went really well. Just let it be and see. There could be a past relationship the other person is finishing or some other personal obstacle that they need to take care of before continuing to date you. That is a good thing. All you can do is be available for the type of relationship you desire. Do not fixate on any one person at the beginning. Leave your options open and see who matches their actions to their words.

This is how you date with confidence and avoid the desperately searching cycle.

Even when you date online it is important to communicate with confidence. If they respond, great, if not move on. Do not fixate, be open to all the options and possibilities that are available to you.

When you do encounter a mutually compatible connection, keep your confidence intact and allow the new connection to unfold. You have to see all sides of a person and this takes spending time together and getting to know one another. Chemistry is important, but if you do not have anything else in common you will not have a strong base or foundation to build the relationship off of. Ask yourself, “Could I be best friends with this person?”

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