Kindness Does Matter…

13 Sep

10 Reasons Why Kindness Matters

‘Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see.’ Mark Twain

At the bottom right hand corner of my blog I have placed a form which asks‘What should we write about next?’

So on January 7th at 7.11pm one of my readers entered the following: ‘Kindness matters. What would life look like without kindness?’

So with that idea presented I have gifted you with the following rendition.


And to that person who took the time to write – THANK-YOU!

So Now For 10 Matters Of Kindness Where Kindness Matters

  1. Kindness matters because as a group of humans we have been called man-kind.
  2. Kindness matters because forgiveness liberates not only the forgiven, but also the forgiver.
  3. Kindness matters because warm-hearted people clothe humanity in garments that protect them from catching frostbite – and coldness has a nasty bite.
  4. Kindness matters because smiles a mile wide broaden our horizon and lengthen the cords of strong relationships.
  5. Kindness matters because consideration and the art of considering others first, does as much for the consider-er than the considered – considerably.
  6. Kindness matters because to be humane is to add an ‘e’ to the end of human – and that ‘e’ stands for exceptional.
  7. Kindness matters because sympathetic people are not pathetic. They are simply standing alongside another who has suffered until they are strong enough to once again stand on their own two feet.
  8. Kindness matters because kind acts are the acts of a king and a queen who realize that they have been born for a royal purpose here upon earth – and that is to serve.
  9. Kindness matters because to be unkind is to be less than human. In fact to be unkind is devilish and subnormal.
  10. Kindness matters because to exemplify charitable behavior is to share what you have with another. And in sharing you have opened up the floodgates of heaven which will pour out rich blessings on the one whose generosity has shone.

Can you think of other reasons why kindness matters?


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