10 Aug

Last night, I was woken up at around 4:00 am to an odd sound, I got up to check it out, and what came to mind immediately was the word “grateful.” I immediately started writing down a few sentences that came to mind. I just finished a new poem. I hope you enjoy it and that you find encouragement. Have a blessed day. ~ Cheri

Written By: Cheri Coleman ~ 8-10-12

I am grateful that you have opened my eyes to see who you really are


That I have finally moved on with my life
Thanks to you I am no longer looking back


To looking forward to all the possibilities that life has to offer
With you as my guide
I know that I will not fail


That you carried me when I was weak
It was then that you taught me that in my weakness I am truly strong


For this life that you have given me
Full of family and friends who love me for me


That I no longer have to be someone that I am not
I am your child and I can do all things
For that, I am eternally


Copyright 2012 © Cheri Coleman



2 Responses to “Grateful…”

  1. Maya August 19, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    GRATEFUL you shared your inspiring poem. 🙂

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