Finding My Voice…

12 Mar

Finding My Voice…

Written By:  Cheri Coleman ~ 3/12/12

Finding my voice…

Has been a challenge for me for many years

Yet, Lord, you have shown me over and over

Again that I have a voice

That what I have to say is important

My feelings are important

So why do I struggle with sharing

My voice?

What am I afraid of?

Finding my voice…

Lord, with you by my side I will find the

Courage and the strength

To find my voice again

So that I can share my story

Because what I have to say is important

Not only to me but to other people who

Struggle with

Finding their voice…

We all have a story to tell and there will be

No healing if we do not share our stories

And our feelings from the heart

Finding my voice…

Lord, I am grateful that you continually

Show me that you care for me

Even when I make mistakes

I know I am not perfect

Yet I long to share my story

To inspire and encourage

And with you walking by my side

I have found my voice

It’s full of love, patience and compassion

Thank you Lord for being there

Every step of the way

Finding my voice…

Copyright 2012 © Cheri Coleman

2 Responses to “Finding My Voice…”

  1. diggingher March 13, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    Remember to trust your story (heart) to only the right person. If we share with the wrong person or prematurely we usually get hurt.

  2. bionnde5 September 26, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Beautiful Cheryl!!! Good for you…NEVER allow anyone to take your voice away again! You are beautiful, powerful, amazing and inspiring!! Good created you for a purpose and you can inspire and help many!!!

    Love to you!!!
    Shannon aka Shando 😉

    btw…looking for that one poem now!! 😉

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