God’s Adjustment….

29 Nov

God’s Adjustment

Written By:  Cheri Coleman ~ 11/26/11

Ever feel like your life is going in the wrong direction

Based on choices that you made?

I do…

I have made so many wrong choices in my life

And I have had to pay the price

The price is steep and I do not wish it on anyone

Yet through it all ~ something changed

It was God’s adjustment

 To my life

God made adjustments that I never expected

He gave me a list of good choices

And I chose several that have changed my life for the better

God’s adjustment

Allowed me to choose YOU

God’s adjustment

Allowed me to forgive

God’s adjustment

Told me to never give up hope

God’s adjustment

Taught me how to love again

With all my heart and soul

God’s adjustment

Said fight the good fight

God’s adjustment

Changed the course of my life

God’s adjustment

Is about making the right choice for me

And I chose YOU!


Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman


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