I Am Not Who I Was…

18 Sep

I Am Not Who I Was…

Written By:  Cheri Coleman 9-18-11

Lord, there was a time not so long ago,

That I was lost, but now I am found…

I am not who I was

I am better thanks to you

I no longer want to be selfish, petty or angry

I want to be filled with love, grace and mercy

For you have shown me your love, grace and mercy

At a time when I did not deserve any of it…

You see I hurt the one true love of my life

And for that I will be forever sorry

I hurt him like no other, I said things to him that were so hurtful and mean, I made him expendable when all I needed to do was show him love, kindness and forgiveness

I left many times and I kicked him out many times…

Why do these things happen?

Why did things get so out of control?

What lessons have I learned?

These things happened because something needed to be fixed

Things got out of control, because we did not seek you

I have learned that I am not who I was…

By your love, grace and mercy you have changed my heart

You have shown me that I can still love the one that I so dearly hurt and who hurt me

Lord only YOU can heal his heart

Teach him how to have blind faith when it seems so dark

Yet, there is light if he would just reach out

You see Lord, I am not who I was

I am better, because of your love for me

Thank you for your unfailing love and forgiveness

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman


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