Trust Is The Foundation…

12 Jul

Trust Is The Foundation…

In all relationships…Trust is the Foundation

Without trust…there is no commitment

Without trust…there is no communication

Without trust…there is no honesty

Without trust…there is no respect

Without trust…how can there really be love

God turns up the pressure to test our level of trust

Committing to God means turning every aspect of our life to him

Commitment is for life, no exceptions

When there is commitment…there is trust

Communication is vital, for if the message is not received correctly

Relationships will break down

Choose your words with care to avoid unnecessary battles

When there is communication…there is trust

Honesty is the best policy – it always wins out

Try being honest – even when it hurts

God knows our hearts intimately and only wants the best for us

When there is honesty…there is trust

Respect for all works in your favor – as you never know when God will

Use someone to help you or haunt you

Respect for yourself and the one you love is God’s gift

Respect is concern for another person as well as being an encourager to the person you trust the most

When there is respect…there is trust

Love is more than just butterflies in our stomachs

It’s knowing that the one you love will always have your back even when they do not agree with decision’s you have made

Love is accepting at all costs ~ no matter what

Love is giving until it hurts – and love hurts

Love is forgiveness at all costs

Where there is love…there is trust

Where there is trust…there is true love

Written By:  Cheri Coleman ~7/11/11

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman


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