A Godincidence…

11 Jul

A Godincidence….

Have you ever had a Godinicidence?

A coincidence where God intervened???

It is amazing what God can do…

God puts incidences in your life that you have no knowledge of the outcome

That it God hard at work on your behalf

That is a Godincidence…

You could be living down the road from your future spouse, yet you do not even know them yet

God has a plan for everything in our life

Do not ever close the door on God – he is directing our path

And you never know where the path may turn

That is a Godincidence…

God is hard at work on your behalf

Waiting patiently and working behind the scenes quietly

Good events occur in our life because God intervened

There have been many Godincidences in my life

However, I was so lost I did not understand what God was doing

Through life’s ups and downs, I have learned that everything that

Happens is supposed to happened because

That is a Godincidence…

Written By:  Cheri Coleman ~ 7/10/11

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman


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