Steep Paths…

9 Jul

Steep Paths…

What does it mean to walk a steep path?

A steep path is a long and winding road that will challenge you in ways you thought you would never experience

The road is full of bumps and curves along the way, yet when you arrive at the top – oh what a glorious feeling it is…

The feeling that you can accomplish ANYTHING!

What steep path do you need to climb?

Heal a relationship that has gone bad?

Give up an addiction?

Overcome a life threatening illness?

Whatever steep path you trek

Know that God is right beside you… he has your back

He knows how to heal relationships…

He can help you give up your addiction…

And he can do miracles beyond comprehension to heal…

What are you waiting for?

Take a risk…Go for it…climb that steep path

When you reach the top it will be Glorious!

You can do ANYTHING…

When you have God watching your back!

Written By: Cheri Coleman – 7/9/11

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman


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