What Word Best Describes YOU???

16 Jun

What is your favorite word? – Take that word and attach words to it that best describe YOU!! Below is my word and the words that describe who I am….

S – Strong
M – Motivate
I – Inspire
L – Love
E – Ecourage

I love this!! I am a collector of smiley faces and my motto is “Always Smile” – What’s your word??  I would LOVE for you to share!!!


One Response to “What Word Best Describes YOU???”

  1. Shannon Morse February 6, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    My motto….”Always smile with hope”. 😉 ❤
    S- Strength
    M- Motivate
    I – Inspire
    L- Love
    E- Encourage

    H – Help
    O – Other
    P- Positive
    E – Empower

    We have the power to either HELP or HURT others…Be a "Positive" in other peoples lives! Encourage them with hope to be the best they can be…and let them know "They do matter". Love, hope and a smile…can change people's lives! Live to help others, be of service! Do it with LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT, HOPE, COURAGE, STRENGTH and a SMILE! Hope and "peace"…will give you a better today, tomorrow and future! Love yourself, the rest will follow! Peace and love… 😉

    Shando 😉

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