12 Jun


Written By: Cheri Coleman – 6/12/11

How you feel is REAL….

How you handle those feelings is Crucial…

Are you dealing with feelings of anger, confusion, or helplessness

How are you dealing with your anger? Are you resentful, upset, or offensive?

What about your confusion?  Are you lost, doubtful or distrustful?

And your helplessness?  Are you empty, paralyzed, or vulnerable?

What if I told you, you CAN have love, strength and be positive

Love is passionate, sensitive, and devoted

Strength is secure, rebellious, and dynamic

Being positive is inspired, enthusiastic, and bold!

If I had to choose between feelings of anger, confusion and helplessness over love, strength and being positive – I will choose the latter every time.

Life is meant to be full of Love, Strength and being Positive!  Anything other than this is not living life to the fullest and as God intended.

Life is a gift and we must treat it as such. Honor your feelings, let go of anger, confusion and helplessness and embrace the feelings that bring peace and contentment, which is thru Love, Strength and a Positive outlook. You will be glad you did!

How you feel is REAL ~ How you handle your feelings is Crucial

What feelings will you choose?

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman


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