Are You In A Toxic Relationship ~ Part 1

6 Jun

How can you tell if you are in a toxic relationship? Here are some clues:

by Ambrosia on May 28, 2011

Does your partner:

  • mock you, make fun of you or otherwise criticize you in front of others?
  • say she or he loves you, but act otherwise?
  • try to control you, by reading your mail or showing up at places just to check up on you?
  • try to make you dependent on him or her?

Have you:

  • changed things about yourself to please them?
  • distanced yourself from friends and/or family because your partner didn’t like them?
  • stopped taking part in your favorite hobbies or sports because your partner criticized them?
  • started taking part in activities that you don’t enjoy because your partner wants you to?

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, then read on!

Toxic people make you feel ill just being around them. So, why would anyone end up in a toxic relationship? Why would anyone want to be with someone who makes them feel emotionally or physically poisoned?

The answer is simple: most people don’t consciously realize they’re being drawn into a toxic relationship until it’s too late. A toxic relationship has a cycle. There s a honeymoon period, followed by a blow up, followed by a reconciliation — at which point the cycle begins anew.

When you first meet a new partner, you are obviously in the honeymoon stage. It is not until theyve sucked you in further that you realize that you are in a toxic relationship. At that point, it is difficult to get out.

Having said that, it seems that some people end up in toxic relationships more than others. These people are more likely to enter into and endure a toxic relationships because it’s familiar to them — they grew up in toxic homes. Now, adults, they replicate the patterns of their childhood. They don’t even realize that they’re doing it. And, they may not know any better. Having never seen a nurturing, healthy relationship, they have no idea how to find one or even create one.

Other people simply do not believe that they have a right to be happy. Still others find that they enjoy taking care of people. They feel strong when taking care of the weak. They don’t realize, however, that weak people can be manipulative in their own way.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, then you have to leave it. This is one case in which you must find the means and the strength to breakup.


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