Just One Word…

5 Jun

Have you ever thought how your words affect somebody else??? Well this question was posed to me this morning while watching Joel Osteen, and it really made me think. There have been times when my words were less than uplifting, in fact they were downright hurtful. I am making a change and going forward, I am going to use my words to encourage someone, it could be my ex, my children, my parents, sisters, friends, co-workers and yes even a complete stranger. Just one word could save someone’s life. You never know what someone else is going through and your one word could make all the difference.

Think back when you used your words to brighten someone’s day – how did you feel? More importantly how did the other person feel?? Your words may have saved their life – you just never, ever know!!

Be the catalyst to speaking just one word that says “I believe in you” or “You did an amazing job” because just ONE encouraging word can change a person and his or her destiny. Remember “Just One Word” – Try it!!! HUGS ~ Cheri


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