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New Beginnings ALWAYS Start With Endings…

29 Jun

New beginnings are an opportunity to recreate oneself

Endings are opportunities for new beginnings…

You can’t have one without the other

God provides a path for new beginnings when we

Admit when we are wrong and accept his forgiveness and change our ways…

God’s way will always prevail, even when we think there is no possible way

God Always Wins…

He knows our heart’s desire, and has a grand plan…

It is a new beginning, starting over and doing things the right way,

The way God intended

Yet there are mountains to climb, hurts to heal, and endings to endure

Endings are opportunities for new beginnings….

New beginnings ALWAYS start with endings


Written By:  Cheri Coleman – 6/29/11

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman


What Is Love?

27 Jun

What is LOVE???

Remember when you first fell in love?

That feeling of butterflies,

Fluttering around in your stomach.

That first magical kiss, where did it come from?

Only God really knows…

What is Love?

Love is an undying commitment

Which cannot be bought

Love in its purest form is a gift from God

It endures forever…no matter what

Love is forgiveness and understanding

Love is seeing what cannot be seen and having

Faith that God will answer prayers

Love is having complete trust in the person God

Brought into your life, no matter the circumstances

Or difficult paths each one of us must climb

Love is like a flower,

There is a time to die and a time to bloom

It is when the flower blooms,

That it can be loved by all

Love is the greatest gift that God gives us

When you give your heart to another it is supposed

To be forever…no matter what

True love NEVER gives up or loses faith

Love always remains hopeful and

Love endures through every crisis

Love is forever…

Written By:  Cheri Coleman ~ 6/27/11

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman

It Only Takes A Minute…

27 Jun

My dear friend Mary sent this to me and I want to share these words of wisdom, by an amazing Author Robin Sharma!

It only takes a minute to
tell a loved one you adore them
It only takes a minute
to run towards a fear
It only takes a minute
to set a big goal
It only takes a minute
to drink a glass of water
It only takes a minute to
read a great idea (that just might rock your
It only takes a minute to
write the most beautiful thank you note you
have ever sent your parents (or a teammate
or a customer or a high
school teacher who blessed your life)
It only takes a minute to
It only takes a minute to
connect to a friend or a co-worker
It only takes a minute to
help a human being in need
It only takes a minute to
raise your standards to world- class
It only takes a minute to
go the extra mile at work and wow a customer
It only takes a minute to
reflect on what you can do today to be
better than you were yesterday
It only takes a minute to
embrace change
It only takes a minute to
make a new choice that will lead to your
best life.

Make the best of your minutes.

Each one of them makes up your life.

Change the World Movie

26 Jun

I truly believe that most of the time…less is more. Sometimes, certain things viewed in certain ways have the ability to make an impact on our life in a positive way. I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “It is not fair to ask of others, what you are unwilling to do yourself”

via Change the World Movie.

Changing for You…

25 Jun

Changing for You…

Lord I am sorry for letting you down in so many ways…

I want to trust you completely!

Lord my prayer is that you remove the people in my life that

Are not good for me; in a manner that I can accept

Bring the people into my life that will have a positive influence on me

Lord hear my prayer – help me follow your lead…

I am changing for YOU!

Let me be a vessel for you…

 Release my anger and resentment towards people that have hurt me

Take away all defensiveness

I am now standing on my own two feet, because

I am changing for you…

You have given me the confidence to

Stand tall and walk with confidence, simply because

I am changing for you…

Written By:  Cheri Coleman ~ originally written on 3/20/08 ~ revised 6/25/11

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman

The Dream…

24 Jun

The Dream…

Written By: Cheri Coleman ~ 6/24/11

Last night I had a dream about a stranger kissing me…

I could not see his face but his embrace was gentle

Kind and reassuring

I am learning to acknowledge and accept myself for the

Beautiful person that I am…

Full of love, passion, hope and faith

God will someday bring that kissing stranger from my dream

into my own reality

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman

Fear Not…

24 Jun

Fear Not…

Why do I fear so? God says…

Be Strong and Courageous…

I will not fail or abandon you

That is God’s promise to me…

I shall not turn my back ever again on the ONE

Who has given me hope and a new life…

A new life so full of many opportunities

Why do I fear so?

When new opportunities are all around me

Be Strong and Courageous…

God opens the doors I am to walk thru…

I  believe and have faith that God

Will remain by my side ALWAYS!

Be Strong and Courageous…

Fear Not No More.

Written By:  Cheri Coleman ~ 6/24/11

Copyright 2011 © Cheri Coleman

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